The Perks of Being a Maverick for One Month.

Being the winner of PRVaganza 2014 was not an easy one. I still bore in my mind the 8 hours trip from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. I arrived before the sun rose and went straight to Universitas Indonesia for the seminars until the final brief was given. There were no time to take a bath at all. When the final brief was on my hand, I wish I could just sleep (indeed, I slept first) for 3 hours and undertake the PR proposals. In the end, my team did it, and we won the competition. We were also entitled to have an internship at Maverick as the ultimate prize for the competition.

I never have any experience in the real PR industry, and I have no idea what would the industry like because I have no reference at all. I’ve watched several movies/series about communication industries, but most of them are journalism and advertising (‘The Newsroom’ and ‘No’).  So, 1 month and plunge myself into the real world seems fascinating and frantic at the same time.

Maverick is located in Kebayoran Baru and it’s strikingly close to Taman Puring, a place where I have had an awful experience (I was robbed). The office bears a resemblance to … a place where you can play and learn at the very same time (no it’s not Bobo Magazine). Oh, it has a very cool rooftop with a lot of cool people with venerable and professional backgrounds (not because of age…seriously). They are very cool hence i felt very nervous for the first day, week, even until my internship was done. Haha.

The consultant floor. This is where everything happens.

Reality bites, and it bites me because I only know 15% parts of the PR activities. I thought developing proposals was the main activity in PR world. No buddy, it’s just the beginning of everything, the prologue to another activities that require time management, passion, time management, good social skills, multitasking ability (you can be a travel agent and a PR Consultant at the same time), and time management again (this is the most important one). Luckily, people in Maverick are very nurturing so I never hesitate to ask about anything.

One thing that amazes me, Maverick has changed my perception about PR in general. As a communication student who takes major in strategic communication, I saw PR as a very plain, mundane, and organized activities. But it turns out that PR can be very dynamic, requires your creativity, and …. fun. When I found out that the leader of Maverick is one of the judges in Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, I was thrilled and exuberant. PR can be this challenging.

I acknowledge Maverick is the perfect place to learn, not just the PR industry, but also life. Maverick means unorthodox and independent-minded person, and they really apply this philosophy in their culture. The work rhythm is very dynamic and fast. That’s why as an agency, Maverick demand their workers to go home after 6 pm … yes, 6 pm. Because if you are still at the office, either you are failing in time management, or it’s a special case. Maverick also push you to be independent in term of decision-making. It doesn’t mean that you can screw up with clients and decide something inane, but they give appreciation when you come up with asking forgiveness instead of asking permission.

Thank you Maverick for the very short time. It’s been an honour to be part of you. Now, it’s time for me to move forward and facing my thesis.

Yeah.. thesis.

Thanks for the past month guys!
Thanks for the past month guys!


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  1. Reblogged this on Unspun and commented:
    In November we accepted two interns, Ken and Rara, from University Gadjah Mada. They were so good and intellectually curious we wished they could just work with us and not go back to the halls of academia to complete their theses.

    Now Ken has shared his thoughts and impressions as a Maverick intern for a month in Maverick and we’re so thrilled that he found it educational and enjoyable. Maverick has always been about creating an experience of learning and fun for whomever walks through our doors and we’re so proud we managed to achieve this with Ken.

    Rara has chosen to document her experience in a movie, that I’ll share in a later post.


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